Team Management

A team is very important to play this game to its fullest potential, you can either create a team and get players to join you or, usually the best option, join an already established team and start playing with them.

You will be prompted to create a new team, or to recover if you have created one before.


There are several roles inside a team

          Player  Regular, can join team challenges and talk in the team chat

          Coach    Like a player but can also invite/loan players

          Manager   Equal to the coach but can also start team matches

          Chairman   The owner of the team, can invite, kick and promote players


Creating a Team

If you choose to create a team, you can press the “My Team” at the top of the client

And this is how it will show up in your profile(My Profile tab), you just have to click accept to join the team by loan

This is the main page of the team, by selecting any player you will be presented with a few options, like changing a player role, kick him from the team or transfer the ownership of the team.

The latest events tab shows your team’s last matches and transfers. You can also click on a specific match to check the match report.

Records, trophies and competitions are in development tabs.


If you are missing a few players for a match you have the option to loan a player. Usually you check the players online and contact them and ask them if they want to play with you. If they accept, you must send a loan to them which they have to accept, and then they will be loaned to your team and count as one of your players and can join the match.

In the left image you can see that the loan button on the online player list and on the right side you can see the loan option inside a player profile. These will only show if you are Manager or higher ranked inside a team


On the manage team section you can check the invites pending, your kit and also the logo or signature urls.