Team Match

If you host a team friendly/match you will see this menu in step 2, a list of current teams that are available to challenge.

Step 3

Field Size

The size of the field, Large is the regular for 5v5, we recommend extra large (XL) for 7v7 and higher matches.


    No fouls referee

    As the name would suggest, no matter what happens on the field, there won't be any free kick or penalty given.

    Balanced fouls referee

    This referee mode is for players who like both the possibility of shooting freekicks and penalties, and still like to slide tackle opponents a lot.
    Balanced freekicks mean that referee will try to penalize only purely unfair challenges, such as slides aimed solely to knockdown opponents with no intention to play the ball. Also trying to win a freekick/penalty decision by kicking the ball away the very last moment before getting hit by opponents slides is limited in this mode.
    For example if you slide at a player who is about to control the ball, then he manages to kick it away, and then gets caught by your slide - the referee will give a freekick/penalty, because that opponent wasn’t controlling the ball when you started the slide, and also you didn’t hit the ball.

    Realistic fouls referee

    Essentially every slide that doesn't hit the ball first will most likely be the reason for a free kick/penalty.


Human goalkeepers

    If you wish to play with human goalkeeper or not, if you don’t have a player dedicated to GK, you might choose to have this off.



My Profile


In this tab you can check for online players, player stats, search for any player, useful when you need to find players to loan so they can join your team.

One important thing in the profile page is the Match settings tab, this will allow you to customize your own player and more importantly change the body type.
Don’t forget to save settings!

This is your personal profile, you can check on your team invites or loans, finish a current loan or leave a current team. You can also setup your own logo and signature for other players to see when they visit your profile.

Achievements and Trophies are under development



To show the stats, first you have to click the load more results first.

Just like in players, here you can see the teams that are online (recently) also a team search.


Currently Team stats is under development.

Public Match

Types of Games

There are several types of games you can join, usually they are already hosted, but you can also create new rooms yourself.



The most important tab Play, this is where you can join matches by clicking Play or spectate a match using Watch.

You will sometimes see team challenges on the list, you can spectate those matches, but to play you must be part of any of the teams playing (either through being a member of the team or having accepted a loan from the team).

On the right side bar you can find the various modes of rooms you can create.

1. Public Training

In practice games you there are no restrictions, the ball doesn’t go out and you can practice freely. You can also use the following commands:

            /fk - free kick, from the place where the ball was at the command's time

            /pk - penalty kick, from the penalty spot that is nearest to the ball

            /ck - corner kick, from the corner kick spot that is nearest to the ball


2. Public Match

It's a normal match where anyone can join, these are usually called pubs and a lot of players use it to practice, warmup or when they are learning they usually join and get used to the gameplay. Statistics are enabled when there are at least 4 human players on both teams + bot goalkeepers.

3. Team Match (Friendly)

4. Team Match (Ranked)

This is the main mode of the game, usually called Challenges, they put one team against the other, usually 6vs6 (With or without human GK) but up to 11v11. They can be played in a friendly manner or they can be ranked matches that impact your team's standing on the game ladder.

To play these kinds of matches teams usually ask one another and then proceed to host the match.

To host a team match you have to be a manager or higher in your team hierarchy and also only players that belong to each team that is playing might join their match, unless they are loaned (Loans are explained further ahead)

5. Bots team match

In bot challenge you play against 5 bots with the level you selected, it's a nice way to start getting used to the game but the last level might be very challenging for newcomers.

6. Superpowers

A normal game but with a twist, you can choose a special power to play with. Choose between:

     Super Speed

     Super Fox (You get fouled just from being touched by an opponent)

     Super Bull (Push anyone to the ground for 5 seconds)

     Super Frog (Enhanced ability to jump and tackle)

     Super Control (increased zone of control such that the ball can be up to visibly 3cm away from you)

Match Settings

Step 1

After clicking on the option to create a match you are prompted to choose server location. The dutch servers are best for European matches.

Step 2

If you create a public match this will be the second step.
The ball cannot escape option will create invisible walls all around the lines making it impossible for the ball to leave the field.
Ball control makes it so you can't hold the ball, so you have to constantly kick it.