When the opponents try to surprise you from long range with a slow floated shot, watch out for your timing when triggering save actions. You might start flying too soon and the ball that is going very slowly and could be easily picked up by simple movement can slowly roll in. You should wait and time your dive when you are sure that is the best option.



There is also an additional type of save where you simply catch the ball rather than deflect it away. To do this, you just need to maneuver the position of goalkeeper so that the ball enters your player’s zone of control without the use of a dive key.

The ball will automatically stick to you without any other keys necessary. This is only useful for those shots coming from distance as it gives you enough time to just run to the correct spot to catch the ball. You will not be able to catch quick powerful shots as you won’t be able to maneuver your keeper quickly enough.

Timing of dives

Rushing out

Sometimes you don't have any option but to rush out and try to stop the attack before the opponent can shoot, if you have to leave your area remember that the goalkeeper actions can only be done inside, if you attempt to use them outside the box, the ball will just go past you.


       You can also use the "All direction save" to block crosses


1. Saves

You have 3 keys while playing goalkeeper:


     All direction save, default Z key, by pressing it your character will dive in the direction of the cursor, with no direction restriction. You can control the direction of where you deflect the ball with your mouse cursor. Note, that this action won't affect ball if it is outside your penalty area.


     Horizontal save, default X key, exactly the same as the above, but this action will only make your character dive horizontally, either left or right, depending on the positioning of your cursor.


     Slide dive, default C key, get a temporary accelerated movement towards the given direction to tackle down opponent, goalkeeper style. This action doesn’t let you control where you deflect the ball to.



         Note that when you are slide diving, you can’t affect high balls. Nor does the slide dive work when you are outside your penalty area