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Adding and removing bots:


To add a bot: /add bot t/ps/s/name, where:

        t: goes for team, use 'h' for home team or 'a' for away team;

ps: goes for field position, at the moment human-readable posistions are disabled, so you must use bot's field-position code, which equals L*10+S, where L is field line (min. 1 - defence line, max. 5 - attack line), and S is a side line (min. 1 - left side, max. 5 - right side). If you want to add a typical MC player-bot then the code for it is 33;


        s: goes for bot skill, valid value range is 1-5; name: bot's name

To kick the bot from room:


/kick bot name

Note that it wont work on gk-bots

If you want to take gk position simply use corresponding key for it (default 'g') and the gk-bot will leave match by himslef;

Both addidng and kicking bots works on both trainging room types.

You can setup bots in modes below (only for public training rooms):

/stand bot name - will make a bot with given name to stand still in the place where you stood at the command's time, useful to build up freekick walls of bots, or to alter the last mode

/shoot bot name - bot with given name will try to get a ball, run and shoot goal of his opponent team

/cross bot name - bot with this name will try to get ball and do wing run finished with cross on opponent team's penalty area

/tackle bot name -* bot with this name will try to tackle any ball from the user who has setup that bot in this mode

/dribble bot name -* bot with this name will try to keep the ball as long as it can from the player who has setup that bot in this mode

* - modes undone, to be finished in nearest future

Training bot commands

To move a bot's position , use the command

/go bot name/position


Example: /go bot iGoal/FC

Bot commands

Commands for training in training rooms (public training, public match)

Training commands for ball (only in public training rooms):

If you control a ball then you can set it in set piece mode. That means it cannot be controled, but only kicked, either with right mouse button (fast kicking method), or left mouse button power (you need to take run and power up the kick before reaching ball - you dont need to release left mouse button though - ball will be automaticaly kicked with the power you have gathered at the contact moment).

          /fk - free kick, from the place where the ball was at the command's time

          /pk - penalty kick, from the penalty spot thats nearest the ball

          /ck - corner kick, from the corner kick spot thats nearest the ball


Note that those commands wont work if the ball would be set too close to other ball in set piece mode.