Advanced techniques

Dribbling (running with the ball)

If you do quick taps with the LMB while in possession of the ball, you can run faster since controlling the ball actually slows down your movement compared to not having the ball. This is particularly useful if you’ve broken through the opponent’s last line of defence.

First touch

Playing in a first touch basis is very very hard and you have to anticipate your own teammates actions, but it does bring it’s rewards. Either LMB or RMB first touch can catch your opponent’s surprised and leave them no time to react. Be careful however not to over indulge in first time passes if they’re not necessary as they can be a little less accurate due to the little time you give yourself to aim the pass.

If the ball hits against your player at a low speed you will automatically control the ball. If the ball is high in the air you can use the jump button to catch it. You can also use click the LMB or the RMB to control the ball into a certain direction. This is particularly useful when receiving a pass under pressure from opponents as you can use your first touch to knock the ball out of the range of your opponents control zone (eg in the opposite direction that your opponents are standing in).


Volleys are performed with the LMB. When the ball is going in your direction start charging LMB and when the ball is near you or right in your control you release the LMB for a powerful shot. It is also advisable to start a volley by having your cursor close to your player to lock the movement of your player into the path of the ball and then after having initiated the charge of your LMB, then move your mouse (with the LMB still held down) in the direction you wish the ball to go in. As soon as the ball reaches your player’s zone of control, release your LMB to execute the action.

Controlling the ball


Similar to a "sombrero" or a rainbow flick, it's possible to replicate this ingame. To do the cabrita you have to stay right next to the ball, without actually having it under your control, and use your left mouse button to charge the power bar - the more you charge the power bar, the higher the rainbow flick will go up

Crosses are a good source of goals, you have to kick the ball high to your teammates. Curling the cross can help trick the opponents and/or help the ball reach your teammate better. However, also note that sometimes curling will be detrimental to the cross, typically because the curl causes the corner to go behind your teammates. To head the ball use the LMB or hold RMB while the ball is in the air.

Bicycle kicks are a “stylish” way to kick the ball, and are useful in some situations such as when the ball is going slightly behind you and you are unable to readjust your players position in time. You can do them by pressing both LMB+RMB and pressing S when the ball is airborne.

Note that to aim bicycle kicks, your cursor needs to be pointing in the inverse direction you wish it to go in. eg if you are attacking downwards, and you wish to aim the bicycle kick to the left of the goalkeeper, you will need to aim your cursor upwards and to the right.

When performing the bike, player goes up, then for a split second hangs in the air, then goes down

Maximum power will be achieved in that "middle phase" where player reaches maximum altitude

If the player "bikes" the ball when he is still rising, a lob-like shot will be achieved, with less power and more likely to shoot over the bar

If the player "bikes" the ball when he is falling, ball will be directed towards the ground - such shot will lose alot of power after first bounce and is unlikely to get into net




The "Cabrita"

The best way to score from a long shot is to use the curve mechanic and do a full power shot so the GK can’t react in time to the ball. Diagonal shots are also one of the most effective ways to score.

Crossing (Headers+Bicycle kicks)

To place a curve on your shot/pass you have to move the mouse in the desired curve direction after performing the shot/pass.

Long Shots